What should I use to tag? Have no idea where to start? Head on over to Amazon to purchase your tagging essentials.

Wire Hangers

We require wire hangers. Local dry cleaners are typically willing to give you extras. If you plan far enough in advance, you can purchase them from Amazon for a great deal.

Tagging Gun

Some consignors prefer to use tagging guns to connect the tags to items. We require that tags are either pinned by safety pins or by plastic fasteners.

Safety Pins

Attach your tags on the RIGHT SIDE of the garment with a safety pin. Please DO NOT use straight pins.

Masking Tape

Attach jeans and pants by running safety pins through masking tape and the hanger. This helps the items to not slip! You can also use painters tape or washi tape.

Card Stock

After entering your inventory HERE, print your codes on 60-67 lb card stock in light colors.