a pop-up Consignment
event for adults

September 28 – October 1, 2023

Knoxville Expo Center

5441 Clinton Hwy

StateMint is a pop-up consignment shop where you can sell the clothes you never wear and shop for deals on clothes you’ll actually love wearing!


Sign Up to Sell!

Register for the event and clean out your closet. Our Fall event is for Fall/Winter items and our Spring event is for Spring/Summer items.

Prep Your Items!

Hang your items and enter your inventory. You price them yourself and attach a price tag with your seller barcode so you can see how much you made each day.

Drop off Your Items!

Drop off your items the week of the event and we’ll do the rest. Work the sale if you want to make more money. You’ll get paid 2 weeks after the sale!

Our average seller earned over $500 at our last event. Registration for our next event opens July 11. Sign up for our Insider’s Club and we’ll send you a reminder to sell and shop with us!

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